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Life was deep high and distant and although my vast vision could reach even her feet, yet she was near, and although the breath of my breath reached her heart; the shadow of my shadow crossed her face, the echo of my faintest cry became Spring and autumn in her breast, and she was veiled and hidden, even as my greater self was hidden and veiled, yet when she spoke all the winds became words, when she sings the deaf heard and were held; and when she came walking, the sightless were amazed and followed her in wonder and astonishment. Reflection of life in my soul was not less than her, because I and life were one.

I wish to thank my parents for showing me this beautiful world. A heart full of gratitude to my Yoga-Teacher Mrs. Usha Karnik for teaching me a few important things in life. Silence beyond words to Harish Gandhi for all that he has done. Lots of love to my friends for loving me so much that I couldnt ask for more. You entered, bringing light and life to me, with tender care; you added comfort, warmth, within my being, life, and in my heart. My spirit sings though my lips never part, singing only to you; the thief of my heart.