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Multi-instrumentalist and composer Prem Joshua is a pioneer in the field of world music exploring and creating a new synthesis in music beyond the borders of East and West.

He was born into a picturesque village that no one ever gave thought to leaving, and he's now known in every corner of the globe. Yanni is, without a doubt, a musical phenomenon, one of those rare artists whose music defies borders and boundaries – whose music speaks to people of all races, all nations. And there is more than ample evidence to support such statements.

Field and Forest is an active virtual community with members located in more than 50 countries who regularly look to Field and Forest as a place of inspiration or practical information. Since our start in early 1997 we have now grown from roughly 20 pages to more than 3000 pages containing more than 19,000 links. But we are more than just another nature photography site. We also feature an outstanding Nature Poetry Gallery. In fact, it's probably the only one on the internet dedicated to original nature poetry. If you know of another - let us know. It's one of our most visited areas and presents the work of more than 50 poets. You'll also find interesting features about nature photography, digital postcards and a bi-monthly nature photo contest judged by professional photographers and photo editors which is second to none.

Flaming June is the reason that BT is often pigeonholed as a trance artist. It's just that good. And you must be sure to experience the full album version because the edited versions miss out on the incredible lead-in buildup, and the outstanding drum'n bass outtro.

Mit korperlichen und geistigen Ubungen zeigt diese Jahrtausende alte Lehre Wege auf, die eigene Lebensweise positiv zu verandern und diese Lebensqualitat zu verbessern.